Arcolis® acoustic frames

Created to be adaptable to all locations, the wide range of Arcolis panels is suited for all spaces that require acoustic correction.

The frame is made of an aluminium structure and covered with the fabric of your choice; it includes high-performance insulating material to absorb unwanted sounds.

Designed to be suspended, hung up or placed, each frame adapts to specific needs and decors.

Its shape and size are only limited by your imagination.

The technical fabric is antistatic and lets through air while avoiding the filter effect.

Artolis Acoustic Optima finish with PU acoustic foam coating to avoid the filter effect.

An Arcolis profile that allows many combinations:

  • Accepts textile fabrics and PVC film of the Barrisol range.
  • Allows the configuration of one or two-sided frames, with the choice of covering the edge of the profile or having it powder coated.

One-sided Arcolis frames

рамков профил Arcolis

Flat edge with anodised aluminium finish or powder coated in a RAL shade ; height 70 mm or 42 mm.

едностранно облечен рамков профил Arcolis

Flat edge with covered finish ; height 70 mm or 42 mm.

Two-sided Arcolis frames

акустична рамка Arcolis с видим профил

Flat edge with anodised aluminium finish or powder coated in a RAL shade ; height 70 mm or 42 mm.

акустична рамка Arcolis с обечен профил

Flat edge and two sides with covered finish ; height 70 mm or 42 mm.

One-sided Arcolis frames installation

Suitable for walls as well as ceilings, Arcolis acoustic panels are available in 15 standard rectangular sizes, with a width of 70 or 42 mm

акустичен панел Arcolis монтиран на таван

Screwed to the ceiling

акустичен панел Arcolis окачен дистанционно на таван

Suspended by cables

акустичен панел Arcolis монтиран на стена

Fastened to the wall

The standard dimensions of the Arcolis acoustic frames and baffles available to date are as follows:

  • 2400x300 mm
  • 1800x300 mm
  • 1200x300 mm
  • 2400x500 mm
  • 1800x500 mm
  • 1200x500 mm
  • 2400x600 mm
  • 1800x600 mm
  • 1200x600 mm
  • 600x600 mm
  • 2400x1200 mm
  • 1800x1200 mm
  • 1500x1200 mm
  • 1200x1200 mm

Arcolis range of colors

Arcolis acoustic panels are available in 50 colours, from the brightest to the softest. Our colour designer has created a palette of shades that can adapt to all decoration schemes.

We have brought together classic and timelessly fashionable colours, and also trendier hues including very fine shades of grey, powder, taupe, and other moss and ochre shades.

Offering a wide range of colour trends, Arcolis acoustic frames correct the acoustics of any room, at the same time livening it up with delicate colours and shapes.

цветна карта Arcolisцветна карта Arcolisцветна карта Arcolis

Acoustic performance

Arcolis one-sided panels, 1200 x 600 mm, placed directly against the wall or fixed directly to the ceiling.

Measurement according to international standard ISO 11654 and US standard ASTM C 423

Sound absorption coefficient αp according to DIN EN ISO 11654

Frequency [Hz]

αs [-]


NRC = 0.95
SAA = 0.98
αw = 1.0
Sound absorption class A

Sound absorption coefficient αs according to ASTM C 423

Frequency [Hz]

αs [-]


Health & Safety 

  • All finishing materials belong to fire classes B-s1, d0 or B-s2, d0. For high rise buildings, we have a range of finishes in A2-s1, d0 glass fibre fabrics.
  • Arcolis frames are rated A + (highest rating) in accordance with current legislation on indoor air quality for all coatings used and for all Arcolis by Barrisol baffles and acoustic frames elements.
  • Arcolis acoustic frames and baffles are labeled "Origine France Garantie". This label is based on a rigorous reference system established in 2011 by the world's leading certification company, Bureau Veritas Certification, and certifies that the Arcolis frames are made in France.