Barrisol stretch ceilings are manufactured to an individual size. The geometry of the room where the stretch ceiling will be mounted is important for the correct assembly of the sheet, rails and accessories. First we install the aluminium or PVC rails (depending on the type of the sheet) and then we stretch the sheet in those rails. The Barrisol fixation systems allow the realization of traditional stretch ceilings or all other forms (slopes, vaults, curves, waves, 3D, organics, etc). Main advantages of the Barrisol stretch ceilings are their light weight (from 0.18 to 0.36 kg/m2), moisture and water resistance, antistatic - do not retain dust and odors. Barrisol stretch ceilings can be installed at a minimum distance (18 mm) from the existing ceiling. The technological 5 mm joint allows partial or complete disassembly if necessary.

  • Installation of a stretch ceiling to a wall structure.

  • Installation of a stretch ceiling to a ceiling structure.

  • General rail for installation of stretch ceiling to wall and ceiling structure.

  • Modular rail for a self supporting panel Barrisol.

  • Modular rail for acoustic panel.

All types of additional accessories, electricity installations, lighting spots, ventilation grilles, security systems and video surveillance can be adapted to the Barrisol stretch sheets. 

  • опънат таван Барисол и датчик

    Construction for installation of a fire system.

  • опънат таван Барисол и вентилационна решетка

    Construction for installation of ventilation grille.

  • опънат таван Барисол и EXIT табела

    Construction for installation of EXIT.

  • опънат таван Барисол и пожароизвестяване

    Construction for installation of sprinkler system.

  • опънат таван Барисол и линейно пожароизвестяване

    Aluminium rail (separator) for installation of linear lighting and other accessories.

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