About us

We are Barrisol Bulgaria/ Lineart Ltd. - longtime official representative of Barrisol Normalu S.A.S. (France), the world leader of the manufacturing and distribution of stretch ceilings.

Over the years we have proven that we work correctly, precisely and qualitatively in fulfilling our commitments. This has established us as a leading company in the installation and maintenance of each type stretch ceiling in Bulgaria.

Since 1967, the factory that is located in northern France, produces Barrisol products for it's worldwide distribution network to which we are a party.

Throughout the years we have created a cohesive and experienced team. Our specialists have been certified in France and are familiar with all new technologies. They can handle not only home renovations but also large public projects.

Why choose us?

Because we have many years of experience and qualified team who approach individually to the requirements of each customer and also the characteristics of the project.

Because our products can be installed pretty fast, clean and at a minimum distance of 18 mm relative the actual ceiling or wall. At the end we achieve a perfectly smooth surface with many different effects.

We can provide a much richer palette of colors and patterns compared to other similar products.

We are working with wide selection of rails with which we can create sheets with 3D shapes, designer lighting lamps to your vision and idea, exhibition stands and more.

Barrisol stretch ceilings technology is constantly evolving and enriching. One of the examples is the diverse Barrisol Mirror range. This exceptional product can reflect safely as a real mirror and gives the space volume and unique design. Another exceptional product is the Barrisol Clim patented system for ventilation and air conditioning.

We keep in mind not only humans but also our Planet Earth and because of that the Barrisol stretch sheets and rails are up to 100% recyclable.

Since 2007 our company is also a dealer of Newfloor raiced access floor (Italy).

In 2009 we have been presented as an official dealer of FF Systems (Germany) for the Bulgarian market. They are one of the leading producers of access panels in the World. 

We are sure that we will justify your trust and will not disappoint you!

We do not just offer service but results!