Barrisol Stretch Ceilings in Bulgaria. Over 20 years of experience, correctness and quality!

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  • опънат таван Barrisol в дневна - платно лак

    Barrisol stretch ceilings for your home. This technology allows you to achieve the ideal ceiling - perfectly even plane with different coating (lacquer, matt, satin and etc.). Barrisol stretch ceilings are stylish and modern solution for the interior design of your living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway or bathroom.

  • Транслуцентен таван Barrisol в Националната галерия за чуждестранно изкуство

    Barrisol Translucent sheets + ELT3D. In addition of a LED lighting above the translucent sheets it creates a homogenous and ambient light that gives you the feeling of volume and freshness. By using RGB LED lighting you can diversify and complete the white light with many other colors. ELT3D system give you the opportunity to create impressive lighting effects.

  • Опънат таван Barrisol с вградено осветление в офис

    Barrisol classic stretch ceilings are suitable for your home, office, medical, production and shopping places and many more. Barrisol system consists of wide models and colors range - matt, lacquer with glossy effect, satin or metalic.

  • Barrisol Mirror combines the reflective power of a mirror and the technical characteristics of stretched Barrisol membranes to create a perfect illusion and “extend” your interior, giving the impression of space.

  • Технически текстил Artolis

    By covering your walls with the artolis technical textiles gives you a smooth surface, acoustic comfort, lighting and extraordinary feeling and style. The installation is easy and quick process. There is also a possibility to print the textile in RAL colors.

  • опънат таван Barrisol, изпълнен с акустични платна

    Barrisol Acoustics + Arcolis acoustic frames. All Barrisol stretch ceilings can achieve a great acoustic qualities only by a perforation of the sheet. Creating a quality indoor sound environment should be a priority to all of us! This contributes to a personal comfort in both work and living spaces. Arcolis acoustic panels can be produced in standart or individual sizes and colors and can be mounted stationary or on movable frames.

  • Barrisol Clim

    Barrisol Clim innovative and patented system for ventilation and air conditioning.  Barrisol stretch ceilings with their undeniable aesthetic qualities provide a new opportunity for air conditioning. Quiet, economical and invisible, the Barrisol Clim system can be used for cooling and/or heathing with extremely low temperature difference between the head and the feet of an occupant ≈1,5°C.

  • Barrisol 3D shapes. By combining the different models and colors of the stretch ceilings with the flexible Barrisol rail options, we can make a figures with different 3D shapes.  Designer lighting fixtures, exhibition stands and many more.  

About us

We are Barrisol Bulgaria/ Lineart Ltd. - longtime official representative of Barrisol Normalu S.A.S. (France),  the world leader of the manufacturing and distribution of stretch ceilings.

     Over the years we have proven that we work correctly, precisely and qualitatively in fulfilling our commitments. This has established us as a leading company in the installation and maintenance of each type stretch ceiling in Bulgaria.