Frequently asked questions

What is Barrisol made of?

The Barrisol sheets are made with a polymer whose formula is property of Barrisol. The company holds the patent of manufacture and composition of material as well as more than 80 patents. Barrisol sheets are classified M1 in France, Bd B-S2-d0 and B-S3-d0 (brushed suedes) in Europe and CLASS ‘O' under Building Regulation in UK and Class I in the USA. Barrisol sheets are not toxic and 100% recyclable.

What is the Barrisol stretch ceilings resistance?

The sheets are very strong. They can support masses up to 100 kg without breaking and then find back their initial form.

How is a Barrisol ceiling installed?

A Barrisol stretch ceiling is installed a few centimeters of the existing ceiling by an approved Barrisol installer. The Barrisol sheet can be fixed at any height of the plenum with a distance minimum of 18 mm and a maximum distance unbounded. It is a clean process and does not require important displacement of pieces of furniture. The installation is made by a proffecional team trained in the Barrisol factory in France.

Do you recommend the installation of Barrisol stetch ceiling in each type of room?

Barrisol sheets are a perfect interior solution for rooms such as residential (bedroom, kitchen, living room, children's room, bathroom), swimming pools, steam rooms, fitness, hotels, offices, restaurants, fast food places, bars and party places, dental and medical cabinets, exhibition stands, warehouses, sports and conference halls, music studios, showrooms, children spaces, museums and galleries, churches, airports, train, metro and bus stations and many more

How do you maintain the Barrisol stretch ceiling?

Under normal use the Barrisol stretch ceiling doesn't need to be cleaned. It is antistatic. In case of a need for cleaning you can use a leather or cotton cloth and some warm water or Barrisol cleaning sprays.

Is it possible to install Barrisol stretch ceiling anywhere in Bulgaria?

Of course, we work all over the country.

How long does it take to be installed?

For a standart project we need between 15 and 20 working days.

Can you add lighting fixtures or other technical parts in the Barrisol stretch ceilings?

All types of lighting fixtures (integrated and external), fire alarm systems, video cameras, ventilation grills and many more, can be integrated in the Barrisol stretch ceilings.

In case of need can you change the lighting above a translucent sheet?

Yes, of course. Our professionalist can dismantle the sheet fully or partially and this process is quick and clean.

At what stage of the construction is the Barrisol stretch ceiling installed?

When all the rough and finishing construction work is completed. It is better if the installation is before the placement of the unmovable furnitures.